Power Moves

Strength exercises can help you run faster, longer and reduce injury.

A few weeks ago Q of ReÜ agreed to take me on as client (not an easy task considering my lack of coordination and abundance of complaints).  Q is working on my strength as an endurance athlete.  You see, I am accident prone.  And I am heading into my third marathon with hopes to do an ultra 50K a few weeks after that.  I need to stay injury free.  So far, I have not trained for a marathon without injuries.  The first marathon I had IT issues and a groin pull.  The second marathon I had both posterior and anterior shin splints.  This year I am bound and determined to get through a season without anything more than minor aches and pains.  I love Q’s approach to strength training.  He is a great motivator.  His commands are gentile yet effective and his exercises are simple yet powerful.  Many of Q’s routines use your own body-weight which makes them easy to do at home or when you are on your own in the gym.

Below is a little glimpse into my sessions with Q and my other classmate (fellow tough-girl)  Dana.

Q trains out of Level 1 Fitness.  He has small group sessions and is also available for one-on-one by appointment.  Q and ReÜ provide a full-service program for well-being including meal planning, personal training & yoga.  ReÜ’s website is almost ready for launch.  Can’t wait until the launch?   You can contact Q at info@re-u.co or (267) 702-3026.  Also, be sure to go to ReÜ’s Facebook page, more info will be added there soon!

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