Hot Summer Nights

at the track…

Track Night at Bok

Last night marked the first night of my third season doing summer track nights.  I hated it.  I always hate it. BUT somehow I keep going back.  Last night we picked a new Track Workout from suggested by No Meat Athlete:

Track Workout #1:  10 x 400m with 400m rest intervals.

Pace: Determine 5K mile-pace, then divide by 4 and subtract 10 seconds.  (Example: 19:15 5K is a 6:12 mile.  Divided by 4 gives 1:33, subtracting 10 gives 1:23 for each 400m interval.)  This takes the idea of “easy at first, brutal at the end” to the extreme.”  And it’s so easy — Run 400m, jog 400m.  After one or two of these, it seems like a breeze.  Get to number 6 or so, and all the sudden 4 more is out of the question.  But because each only requires a short effort, I find myself thinking “Ok, I can manage just one more.”  And then after a rest, I think the same thing. And so on until the end.

Track workouts always amaze me.  Such short distances, most are 2.5-3.5 miles and yet you are truly spent by the time it’s over. If you’re not, then you’re not doing them right!

I challenge you to get out there and try this track workout!  Then come back here and tell me how you feel!

Track workouts: “Most bang for your buck.” – Cee Heard

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