Remember to look up!

One of my biggest goals in marathon training was to remember to look up while running, I had a tendency to stare at the ground or at the person’s butt in front of me.  I promised myself that if I were to sign up for the Marathon de Paris, I needed to practice taking in the sites.  It would be such a shame to run the most beautiful 26.2 miles that Paris has to offer and only see a few French behinds!  Here are some pictures I took while training for the marathon over the past 5 months.  I got very good at capturing and enjoying the beautiful scenery while running, I still got a few butts in the pics!

Last TNT Training

I can’t believe 5 months of training ends here!



Go Team!

Why not try a tri?

After the Mud Run, I felt like I could do anything!  So what was my next move?  Where were the endurance sport gods going to lead me???  To triathlons maybe?

My one and only time on a bike in over 15 years!

Ok… Maybe a tri might be pushing it!  How about trail running?

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YES!  Now this is something I can sink my teeth into!

How did this happen?

My love for running and thirst for competition kicked into high gear 7/2010 at the Down & Dirty Mud Run with my close friend and mentor, Cee Heard.