Wishing I had more than one set of legs…

With tons fantastic and worthy races coming up, like the ODDyssey Half Marathon, BSR, and the Katie’s First Annual 5K I wish I had more than on than one set of legs!  Since I am training with Team In Training for my second marathon and I have very lofty goals, my training schedule is packed and precise, so there is little room for “fun runs”.  But I would like to encourage my friends and fans to get out and support a great cause, Katie’s Foundation for Child Safety.  Their mission is to educate parents in hopes to prevent injury and death by falling furniture and appliances.

Katie’s Dad, Bob Lambert is working hard to make this First Annual one of many.  They have enlisted the help of Ron & Helene Horn of pretzel City Sports for the most official and accurate race timing and they have big supporters like Abington Friends School and Whole Foods!

So, whether you are looking to PR or just find the right motivation to get off the couch…  Check out Katie’s First Annual 5K on May 12th in Jenkintown!

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