Marathon number 2 in the books – Thank You San Diego

On Sunday, June 3rd 2012 I completed my second marathon to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  I raised nearly $4,000 for Team In Training and had a fantastic time doing it!  Thank you to my friends, family and teammates for all your support!

My Fundraising Page

Join me at Philly Power Yoga!

I have fallen in love with a new Yoga Studio in Rittenhouse!  I just signed up for the Arm Balance Workshop: Sunday October 9th from 1:30 – 4pm with Teagan.  Only 15 spots… (14 now that I just signed up!)

Join me!

Down & Dirty and The Raptor Run

July was a very busy month for Mud and Trails Runs and I loved every moment of it!

The best part of it all was spending time with past muddy buddies and some trail virgins!

Down & Dirty Mud Run

MBF (Muddy Buddies Forever!

Oh So Pretty!

Mud Virgin Anna


Marsh Creek Raptor Run 10M Trail Run & Some More D&D


Does this look like fun?  Check out for upcoming Trail & Road races!

Join us for the 20th Annual Lupus Loop!

A relative of a very close friend of mine has Lupus.  Every year the immediate family did the Lupus Loop 2.5m walk.  2.5 years ago my friend challenged me to RUN the Lupus Loop 5k.  This was my first race and running 3.1 miles seemed like it was going to be impossible!!  (Cut to 2.5 years later I’ve run a marathon, done several mud runs and distance trail runs!)

The Lupus Loop 2009

The next year we formed a Team called “The Lu Loopers” and we added a few new members…

The Lupus Loop 2010

We are coming up on the 20th Annual Lupus Loop on Sunday, October 30th, 2011 and this year The Lu Loopers have BIG plans!  We want to win the award for BIGGEST TEAM!  There are 4 different ways to participate, 2 of them don’t even require you to leave the couch!

If you would like to RUN the 5k or WALK the 2.5m go here:

(Be sure to sign up under our team “The Lu Loopers, at the top of the page click link “Register for this event”)

If you really want to participate but not ready to run or walk go here and sign up as a Virtual participant:

(Be sure to sign up under our team “The Lu Loopers, at the top of the page click link “Register for this event”)

Still too much commitment?  Just donate here:

This year is our year to win!  Sign up EARLY and encourage your friends to do it too!

Want a challenge?  Sign up for your first 5k!  Maybe in a couple of years you will be running marathons too!!

Want to run but not sure how… go here:

My First Race - The Lupus Loop 2009

Independence Run

desperately trying to get back into the training groove, I ventured out with Iron Man – Vinny Mancini.  My allergies were killing me but we managed to get in 6 (tough) miles, a sprint up to the Constitution Center, and a couple great shots of my favorite city!  Hopefully after a couple more runs, I will be able to shake the post marathon blahs!

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