Hello Charlie!

May 29th I participated in the Charlie Horse 13.1 Trail Run:

11 Plowville, PA (near Reading)  Charlie Horse Point to Point Trail Half Marathon:
It was a HOT and HUMID for this Pagoda Pacers A. C event.  Despite
that, 267 finishers caked with mud and sweat made their  way to the
spring fed pool at the finish line.

While I came in around the middle of the pack, this was one of my favorite runs to-date.  I had a blast and I made some really great new friends!!

Looks like fun??  Go to www.pretzelcitysports.com for upcoming races!


“CapriCloses.com” is now a sponsor of EPA’s Team In Training Chapter

“CapriCloses.com” is now a sponsor of Eastern Pennsylvania’s Team In Training Chapter

Check me out at: http://www.teamintraining.org/epa/sponsors/2106906

And while you are there check out some of the fantastic upcoming events…

Fall Season Registration is discounted today for National Running Day!

Call 610-238-0360 ext 226 to get signed up and take advantage of the offer!  (Make sure you mention Capri D’Amario when you call) They have some great events in store!

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Independence Run

desperately trying to get back into the training groove, I ventured out with Iron Man – Vinny Mancini.  My allergies were killing me but we managed to get in 6 (tough) miles, a sprint up to the Constitution Center, and a couple great shots of my favorite city!  Hopefully after a couple more runs, I will be able to shake the post marathon blahs!

Tips for BSR from a Run Coach!


Are you ready to throw down? The Broad Street Run is THIS Sunday.

At this point, there’s nothing left to do but screw it up. No last-minute long runs or strength training sessions. They’ll just leave you fatigued.

Nope. At this point, you’ve either got it or you don’t. If not, hopefully you’ve learned a few things about training along the way. I always do!

After a cold, rainy 2009 race and a steam-bath in 2010, we are finally getting what we deserve: amazing weather! (Of course, there’s still time for Mother Nature to change her mind)

So no excuses. Give it everything you’ve got! No regrets. It’s going to get hard at some point during the race. Accept it. Embrace it. You are ready and you are strong.

Check out my 11 tips for having a great race. If you’ve got something to add, please do. We’ll all benefit!


Come and meet John Thursdays @ Lululemon Walnut St. for Run Club at 6PM!

Remember to look up!

One of my biggest goals in marathon training was to remember to look up while running, I had a tendency to stare at the ground or at the person’s butt in front of me.  I promised myself that if I were to sign up for the Marathon de Paris, I needed to practice taking in the sites.  It would be such a shame to run the most beautiful 26.2 miles that Paris has to offer and only see a few French behinds!  Here are some pictures I took while training for the marathon over the past 5 months.  I got very good at capturing and enjoying the beautiful scenery while running, I still got a few butts in the pics!

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